Mass Signup Links…

  • We are required to receive reservations to enable contact tracing
  • If you can’t make it work, please call 618-697-2632 and I will register you
  • One sign-up slot and name is all you need for everyone attending from a household
  • Click here for a demonstration video!

Video and Livestream

Our video is viewable live on Facebook Anyone can view on a computer; mobile devices may require an account. Videos will be also be uploaded to YouTube promptly.

Reconnect Retreat

We made a quarantine retreat! All retreat content is still hosted here. Whether you’re stuck at home or not, an hour or two a day is all you need for this week-long experience.

Support our Parish

Like so many institutions, we face financial uncertainty. About 95% of our income comes from Mass collections, which have ceased. If you can mail contributions, you are keeping the parish alive. If more convenient, this paypal link allows online donations.