A retreat is a commitment. Here are the basics for RECONNECT.

All time belongs to Him, and all the ages. – From the Easter Vigil

Here are the fundamentals of each day. Complete them on your own schedule, but for best results be intentional and consistent.

Daily Mass: 30 minutes

This retreat originated under a stay-at-home order. Now, maybe you are attending Mass in person. If not, pray a live-streamed Mass from your own parish, or take the opportunity to parish-hop like never before. Here are our streamed Masses: facebook.com/StKateri/videos

Daily Meditation: 30 minutes

Time with the Lord. You can get started with some reading or listening, but limit it to the first few minutes tops. If it feels awkward or pointless, don’t quit. That’s actually the only rule: don’t quit.

Offering and Examen: 5-10 minutes

First thing each morning, pray a ‘morning offering.’ Each night before sleep, pray a brief examen. Click here for sample prayers of each.

Daily Conference: 20 minutes

Click here for today’s specific material.

Level Up

For extra intensity, add a second 30 minute meditation each day. Other options: complete daily extras as posted, pray the rosary once or more each day, lengthen the examen, and journal highlights and thoughts. If you have other inspirations of your own, go for it!

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