Start here for a walkthrough of retreat fundamentals, then scroll down for our first talk!

Today’s Presenter: Jennifer Sagel is Coordinator of Evangelization at St. Patrick Parish in Dixon, Illinois, though her pastor prefers the term “Director of Spiritual Explosions and Pyrotechnics,” which better captures the breadth of her projects and passions. She lives in Dixon with her husband, Joey, and their children Cecilia, Gianna, Max, and Anthony.

Catholic Meditation

Options and Extras:

The daily basics will set you up for a good retreat. If you want to up the intensity, here are some choices:
  • Add a second 30-minute meditation period. Jen’s talk has set you up for success!
  • Pray the Divine Mercy chaplet
  • Pray the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary… maybe on a walk?
  • Start a prayer journal. It’s just for you; you can’t get it wrong.
  • Pray with the readings for next Sunday’s Mass… a great habit to start.
  • Check out some quotes from St. Teresa of Avila, the Church’s Doctor of Prayer
  • Read this summary of St. Teresa’s The Interior Castle, or order/download the full book

Prayer is a friendly conversation with the One we know loves us.

– St. Teresa of Avila
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