Today’s Presenter: Fr. Keith Romke is the Pastor of St. Patrick Parish in Dixon, IL.  He has also served as the Diocesan Vocation Director for the Diocese of Rockford and as an associate pastor at St. Bridget Parish in Loves Park and Holy Cross Parish in Batavia since being ordained in 2011.  Father Romke loves sharing his joy and confidence on God’s plan for our lives which is simply a plan to love us always and to assure us that our identity is rooted in this never-changing, unending love.

A Foundation to Build Lives Upon: St. Ignatius’ First Principle and Foundation

Options and Extras:

The daily basics will set you up for a good retreat. If you want to up the intensity, here are some choices:
  • Add a second 30-minute meditation period.
  • Pray the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary… maybe on a walk?
  • Identify something you most wish were different about your life right now and thank God for using it to call you closer to Him.
  • Think of something good others have said about you; thank God for it and resolve to continue giving that gift more fully and joyfully.

“He who carries God in his heart bears Heaven with him wherever he goes.”

– St. Ignatius of Loyola
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